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 Skutt KM1027 240 Volt 1/3 Phase Center Element

Product ID: KM0172
Title: Skutt KM1027 240 Volt 1/3 Phase Center Element
Category: Kiln
Subcategory: Other
Weight: 5.00

Skutt Kilns are the number 1 kiln brand in our industry for a reason.
Quality of components, innovative technology and lasting durability are just a few of those reasons and it is the main reason Skutt Kiln owners are so very loyal to Skutt.
Be sure to take a look at the complete Skutt Kiln line for Ceramic Potters, Studios, Schools and Glass enthusiast as well. Skutt offers a complete assortment of quality kilns.
All Skutt kilns come with a two year factory warranty.

Stilts are used to stilt your glazed ceramic pieces in the kiln when you are working with low fire ceramics.

Firing cones serve as a witness to the firing process going on inside your kiln.
We stock quality Orton Cones in both the bar (box of 50) and self-supporting sizes (box of 20).

Our kiln post are 1.5” square and range in height of ½” on up to 14” in height. These posts are essential kiln furniture for that time when you need to add kiln shelves to your kiln.

Kiln Shelves:
We stock a complete line of kiln shelves for the most common kilns known to us. From Six Brick to Twelve Brick kilns.
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