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 Natural Clear (brushing)

Product ID: S-2101
Title: Natural Clear (brushing)
Brand: Mayco
Category: Clear Glazes
Subcategory: Non-Toxic Brushing Dipping


Clear Glazes - Non-Leaded Brushing and Dipping Clears
S-2101 is a brush on non-toxic lead-free clear glaze. It is a general use clear glaze when specific safety concerns are needed. This glaze produces a clean clear surface. Some underglaze colors may not be as bright as the fired color chart samples due to the nature of the glaze. Non-Toxic. Dinnerware safe. Luster compatible.
Clear dipping glazesare used to completely seal bisque with a clear coating, making the ware impervious to liquids. They are also used to enhance the brilliance of decorating colors used on greenware and/or bisque.
Dipping glazes differ from brushing versions as they contain fewer organic additives, making the dipping glazes less viscous than brushing formulas. Dipping glazes allow for quick and efficient glazing on large pieces or a large number of pieces. The amount of glaze deposited on bisque is primarily a function of glaze viscosity and the amount of time the bisque is left in the glaze – careful attention to these two details are critical to obtaining satisfactory results.
Mayco’s clear dipping glazes are certified non-toxic and food safe.
Product Features, Attributes, and Application Recommendation
Mayco offers two clear dipping glazes: NT-CLR and S-2000. The general characteristics of each glaze are as follows:
NT-CLR balances the production needs of high volume ceramic studios with superior fired performance. NT-CLR dries quickly but stays open long enough to allow for drips and runs to be smoothed away with a fan brush. Higher levels of suspension agents slow down the glaze’s tendency to settle, which means you’ll need to remix less frequently. A lower coefficient of expansion (COE) improves NT-CLR’s ability to withstand thermal shock and minimize crazing.
This glaze will fire to a smooth, crystal clear finish and has been lab tested to be compatible with leading color glaze lines. The bluish-green dye helps identify where glaze has been applied and guard against over application.
S-2000 offers the same clarity as NT-CLR but contains fewer additives and is therefore thinner than NT-CLR. This glaze has a higher coefficient of expansion (higher thermal expansion) and is more tolerant of high expansion bodies. S-2000 contains a peach-pink dye to help you see where the glaze was applied.
The fundamental performance difference between our two clear glazes is in their rates of expansion: NT-CLR has a lower rate of expansion, S-2000 a higher rate. As you gain experience with specific clays or bisque bodies and monitor firing results you’ll understand which clear glaze is right for you.

S-2000 is the dipping version of the Series 2000 glazes. This glaze is non-toxic, lead-free and complies with ASTM guidelines. This glaze is great when working on large production of utilitarian items or in schools and institutions where health concerns matter. This glaze can affect the colors SC-13 and SC-33. Non-Toxic. Dinnerware Safe. Luster compatible.
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