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 Blue Matte

Product ID: SW-159
Title: Blue Matte
Brand: Mayco
Category: Cone 5/6 Glazes
Subcategory: Stoneware


Mayco’s Stoneware Glazes were developed to perform from mid-range (cone 4/6) to higher fire (cone 9/10) temperatures. These glazes work well on stoneware and porcelain. Most Stoneware glazes are available in pre-mixed pints and dry mix. One of the most distinctive traits of Mayco Stoneware glazes is that they provide visual interest and movement, but DO NOT run off your piece. If you've had difficult experiences with mid-range glazes running off your ware you will enjoy the performance of Mayco Stoneware glazes.

Product Features and Attributes
Can be applied to bisque or soft-fired bisque
Apply one coat if dipping or spraying; 2-3 coats for brushing
Allow to dry thoroughly in between each layer of glaze application.
Fire to Cone 5/6. Will also perform well at cone 9/10.
Can be fired in oxidation or reduction atmospheres.
No sieving necessary with dry-mix formulas - our precise milling processes guarantee super fine particles sizes every bag, every batch.

Application Recommendations:
The following application recommendations are based upon the original product development intent and use for the product.
Information on alternative application methods is listed in the section "Usage Variations and FAQ's".

For premixed products:
Stir well. Apply to soft-fired bisque (cone 04/06). Apply one, two or three coats depending on the result desired. We recommend 1 coat if dipping or spraying; 2+ coats if brushing. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat. Fire to cone 5/6.

For dry mix products:
Tumble the bag prior to initial opening, which will remix the ingredient in case of settling during shipping. Water to dry material ratio is 16 oz. water to 1 pound of material. Whether dipping or spraying: let previous coat dry before applying additional coats. Fire to cone 5/6.

Stoneware Washes
Mayco Washes are metallic pigments mixed with water, prepared as a concentrate. Potters and clay artists are accustomed to mixing various pigments in water for staining clay bodies or combining with glazes to produce textural effects. Our washes provide the convenience of ready-to use-mixtures, removing the hassle and exposure to mixing dry, dusty materials.
Washes can be fired from cone 06 to cone 10, they can be applied to greenware or bisque, fired in oxidation or reduction and applied above or beneath other glazes.
The main ingredients of our washes are rutile, manganese, iron and copper. These materials are very typical glaze materials and are likely in your favorite glazes already.

Product Features and Attributes
Food safe; however textural surfaces created via combinations with other glazes may not be suitable for food surfaces Availble in iron, rutile (titianium dioxide), manganese and copper Highly concentrated: small amounts, thinned with water, will go a long way

Application Recommendations:
Stir well. Dispense amount needed into a separate container and thin with water. For all-over coverage: brush on 1 to 2 coats; allow to dry in-between each coat.
Washes are concentrated – adding water is recommended. Mix only the amount you plan to use in one session. Can be fired from cone 06 to cone 9/10. Washes can be applied to greenware and bisque.
The choice of clay body, thickness of glaze application, firing process and temperature will affect the fired results. Always test in your kiln, on your clay body.
Shake for 5-6 seconds before use. Dispensing the glaze onto a palette (tile, plate, etc.) - helps prevent against contamination of the contents in the jar.
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