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 Black Diamond

Product ID: AS-512
Title: Black Diamond
Brand: Mayco
Category: Non-Toxic Glazes
Subcategory: Astro Gems


Astro Gem® is non-moving textural glaze that contains two sizes of tiny crystals. When fired these crystals provide a quartz-like gleam projecting from the matte surface of the base glaze. The base glaze is an underglaze and will remain porous after firing.

Product Features and Attributes

Can be used on greenware or bisque
Tintable - using One Strokes, Underglazes or other Astro Gems®

Application Recommendations:
Shake for 5-6 seconds before use - you'll want to make sure the crystals are evenly dispersed in the glaze before applying. Apply 3 smooth, even coats to properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque using a soft brush, such as a CB-604 #4 Soft Fan Brush. Try to get the brush fully saturated (loaded) and apply alternate coats in a perpendicular direction to the previous coat (helps to evenly distribute the crystals on your surface). Fire to shelf cone 06.
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