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 Rare Earth

Product ID: EL-135
Title: Rare Earth
Brand: Mayco
Category: Non-Toxic Glazes
Subcategory: Elements


Gorgeous non-toxic glazes in natural earth tones. Surfaces vary from gloss to matte, with subtle variations in each color for a truly unique look. No two pieces will ever be the same. Great for achieving a high fire pottery look at low fire temperatures. Easy application make Elements ideal for ceramic projects in the classroom!
The level of variegation exhibited by theses glazes can be influenced by factors such as the number of coats applied, combinations with other glazes, body surface textures, kiln atmosphere and temperatures. Elements™ will move - some more than others. Understanding each glaze's temperment, how each glaze can be applied, will lead to more successful results.>
Product Features and Attribute
Some qualities of Elements™ glazes include:
Free Flowing Formula - allows glaze to move and variegate - on its own or in combination with other glazes
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