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 Baby Blue

Product ID: UG-003
Title: Baby Blue
Brand: Mayco
Category: Underglazes
Subcategory: Opaque Underglazes


Opaque Underglazes
Opaque underglazes are generally used for large solid area coverage. They are opaque and will block out other underglaze colors over which they are applied. Underglazes are occasionally used in a specific technique with no covering glaze.
Application Recommendations:
Underglazes can be used directly from the jar, but should be put out onto a tile to avoid possible contamination of the remaining product in the jar. Make sure the consistency is like melted ice cream.
Dip a dampened, blotted brush into the color. Fully load the brush without dragging the brush on the side of the tile. Apply the color in a flowing motion; if it starts to drag, reload the brush. The clay will absorb the moisture from the color, so care has to be used when applying. As you flow the color on, avoid ridges and runs. Brush these flaws out as you apply the color.
On an embossed piece do not allow excess color to build up. Brush the excess out of the crevices as you apply the underglaze.
Apply the first coat. When the dark wet look has disappeared, apply the second coat at a right angle to the first. The third is then applied at a right angle to the second coat. This will assure better coverage.
There are other methods for applying opaque and translucent underglazes. Sponging and spattering are two other common means of application.
Apply to greenware.
Lightly dampening the ware with a moistened sponge before painting allows better adhesion to the ware.
Shake the jar well before application. Product should be the consistency of melted ice cream.
Apply with a soft brush. Use the largest brush to cover the area. Can also be sponged or spattered.
Apply three smooth even coats. The coats are applied at right angles to one another.
Do not thin for general application.
All colors are intermixable.
Clean brushes with AC-525 Brush Cleaner and warm water.
Thin with AC-304 Media or water.
Generally a glaze finish is applied after firing to bring out the true color and vividness of the product.
Opaque Underglazes are not true color out of the jar.
Fire to shelf cone 04. Can be high-fired. Check the High Fire Guide for stability at higher temperatures.
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