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 Shallow Bowl

Product ID: H-S11
Title: Shallow Bowl
Category: Tools
Subcategory: Slump / Hump Molds
Weight: 21.00


Accessories Tools:
Here you will find things like mold release spray, Clay Carbon Paper, Viscosity Cups and more.

Clay Tools:
We love our Kemper Tools for working with clay and stock a wide variety of tools for the ceramic and pottery enthusiast.

Mayco Designer Stamps create design for glaze and moist clay use. Glaze is lightly applied to the stamp and pressed against your ware. Stamps can be used to create outlines to which additional color can be added or used to apply your chosen colors.

Slump / Hump Molds
These are essential hand building tools used to form clay. We have a nice assortment of geometric shapes that serve to create the basis for functional and decorative designs.
Slump Molds – The clay “Slumps” or sags down creating a concave shape and are used when you want to add embellishments to the inside of the shape or around the lip.
Hump Molds – The clay is draped over the mold creating a convex shape and used when you want to add feet, handles or other embellishments to the outside of the shape.

Sprig / Press Molds
Sprig Molds provide you a quick and easy way to create unique shapes with very little effort, just press the clay into these flat molds. Use shapes as a stand-alone design or as embellishments that add personal expression and cultural relevance to a project.
Press Tools add unique patterns and designs to clay surfaces. Create interest in your work by pressing directly into the main project, surface or by creating separate attachments. Smaller designs are great for stamping clay beads to use in creating jewelry.

Texture Molds:
Texture molds provide a quick and easy way to add texture to your Ceramic Clay Project.
plaster molds for clay not only aid in adding a design to your clay but because of the plaster surface that it is created upon, aids in drying the clay evenly which helps to prevent cracking.
Designer Mats are 7” x 9” and are made of the same material as Mayco’s Designer Stamps for flexibility and ease of use.

Cleaning Tools:
This section of tools and course grits is dedicated to the cleaning of Ceramic Earthenware.

Cutting Tools:
This section is dedicated to the cutting or carving of Ceramic Earthenware. You will find your Scalpel Knives, Pro Tool and Cut out tools here.

When you need a catchall name and lack a category heading, nothing works like the work “Other”
Basically, you will find miscellanies things like plastic paint pallets and other items not supplied by Mayco or Duncan

We have synthetic sponges, silk sponges, elephant ear sponges and wool sponges to choose from.

Writing Tools:
Everyone has their favorite writing tool and we have under-glazes pencils, gold writing pens and plastic writing bottles for you to choose from.
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