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 Sky Blue ( med) 8 ounce coe 96

Product ID: F3-5331
Title: Sky Blue ( med) 8 ounce coe 96
Category: Glass
Subcategory: frit
Weight: 0.75

Glass can be a lot of fun and we stock a wide variety of innovative molds for shaping and fusing glass. Glass Frit:
Our system 96 Frits are available in Powder, Fine, Medium, Coarse, and Mosaic particle sizes. (Iridescent colors are not available in Powder or Fine.) And come packaged in convenient 8.5-ounce containers.
These Frits are primarily used in making Frit Casted Jewelry and complement our line of Frit Casting molds for Jewelry.

Glass Tools:
We have the tools you need for cutting and scoring glass. You will also find necessities such as Primo Primer and Boron Nitride Glass Separator.

Fritter and Fusion Molds:
You can use “Little Fritter” casting molds to create larger frit castings to add to fused projects or to use alone as ornaments or sun-catchers.
Our Ceramic Glass Fusion Molds are sculpted using earthenware shapes that have been kiln fired to cone 04 (1945 degrees F). The shapes have been crafted to hold glass in a special decorative frit cavities incorporated in the design of the piece.

Glass Molds:
We stock the most innovative line of earthenware molds for glass available. Each mold is hand crafted by artisans in the U.S.A and each design is tested and retested to yield the most reliable results possible.
We also have numerous Bottle Slump Molds and Ceramic Fusion Molds that make it possible to merge glass fusion with ceramics.
After all, it’s All About the Fire.
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